Learning & Volunteering

Volunteer opportunities for Casa Hamaca guests

All of these projects must be arranged in advance of arrival to Valladolid.

Use the contact form at http://www.casahamaca.com/about-us/contact-us.htm for initial communication or email Denis at denislarsen@yahoo.com.

Location: Valladolid and/or surrounding Mayan villages.

Half day/one day project: Purchase and distribution of "despensas" of basic food and household supplies to elderly, infirm or other disadvantaged individuals and families. Many of these individuals/families live in rustic thatched-roof huts in small Mayan villages surrounding Valladolid. You provide the money and the manpower; we provide aid in purchasing and transporting the food and supplies to families that we have previously vetted as having need. We all go together to the villages to deliver the gifts.
One week minimum M-F.
Short-term teaching of arts/crafts/handwork to local adults or children. Spanish language ability an asset but not required.
Typical class/workshop starts about 3 or 4 in the afternoon for at least 2 hours.
Need to be sensitive to local availability and cost of tools and materials as well as the lower economic situation and educational level of most of the workshop participants. Bringing along the materials and tools might be the best solution. Workshop size is between 6 and 15 participants.

Longer-term projects

Teaching English (or other major language) to children, youngsters and/or adults. This needs, at least, a two week commitment to be worthwhile for the students. These classes can be general or can be specific to an occupation, sport or other activity (ie: medical English, waiter English, etc).

Specialized skill sets
Dentists, audiologists, O & P specialists... in fact, almost any medically related skill can be put to use. Write me about your skills and desires and let's see if there is a fit.

Learning & Experiencing for Casa Hamaca Guests

Cooking: Learn Mayan cooking or Yucatec cooking with Doña Irene. She and I first take you to the market to shop for ingredients, return to Casa Hamaca to teach you, mostly by show and tell, how to cook various dishes. You, with your instructors help, make lunch for the staff of Casa Hamaca. The staff are your judges!

Spanish: Fast-track classes in Survival Spanish for beginners or classes with greater depth for those who are looking to improve their skills.

Massage for fun: Learn the basics of in-home massage in about 20 hours. Mostly hands-on with some anatomy studies.

Shamanic healing: Visit to a Mayan village to consult with authentic shaman for a reading of your suerte or more extensive herbal and ceremonial treatments for a wide variety of conditions.

Mayan village life and ceremonies: These are often not planned for; they just happen. When opportunities present themselves, we invite our guests to join us in activities and adventures as varied as sugar cane crushing to make Mayan sweets, Mayan and/or Yucatec dances and music, cattle branding, visiting the melipona (Mayan stingless bee) master and life events such as baptisims, 15th birthdays for girls, birthday parties, weddings and funerals.