Don't just visit the Yucatan....Experience It! 
Welcome to the real México...the real Yucatan.

But what is the real Yucatan? It is different things to different people.

It's the rich history moving backward in time to the Mexican Revolution, the War of the Castes, the Spanish Colonization of Mexico, the Mayan civilizations and their "lost" cities...all the way back to the asteroid that crashed off the coast of Yucatan and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. The asteroid probably also caused the fracturing of the limestone shelf of northern Yucatan that eventually grew into what are now known as cenotes…freshwater “sinkholes”, many of which are open to the public for swimming.

 It’s the friendliness of the people…the smiles, the greetings and the welcoming hands of locals to foreigners and strangers.

It’s the living Mayan world with the food, crafts, language and culture that is alive and well and part of the everyday landscape. The delicious tamales wrapped with banana leaves instead of corn husks. The rich flavors of dishes like chimole or relleno negro or puchero. The variations on tortillas like panuchos and salbutes or the very regional and local pibihuas and volcanes. (Come with me to the municipal market and you can taste the differences).

It’s the architecture of the Mayan pyramids as well as their thatched roof huts set in close proximity to Spanish colonial structures.

It’s the closeness to nature that comes from living in a climate where you almost never close the doors or windows. From the thousands of flamingos on the north coast to the rare jaguars that still roam the jungles very near to Valladolid. The huge variety of birds that announce daybreak and nightfall. The orchids and flowering trees, the wide variety of tasty fruits and the medicinal bushes that cure many ills. The iguanas that can reach four feet in length to the tiny, but powerfully-voiced, geckos that hide behind outdoor light fixtures waiting in ambush for mosquitos and flies. The stingless bees that produce some of the best honey in the world.


Mayan Ruins & Living Mayan Villages
Valladolid is surrounded by dozens of easy-to-get-to Mayan ruins and dozens of Mayan villages where the descendants of the pyramid builders still live in much the same way as did their ancestors.

Healing & Bodywork
Massage, massage therapy, facials, ritual cleansings and other bodywork and healing modalities are available on the grounds of Casa Hamaca or in the hut of a Mayan Shaman.

Colonial History
Valladolid and the surrounding area were colonized by the Spanish in 1543. Numerous churches and building from this era are available to explore both in and outside of town.

Natural History
Cenotes, caves and caverns seem to be everywhere. Pristine jungle, wetlands teaming with bird-life and beautiful beaches are all a short distance from Valladolid. For a National Geographic photo of the cenote Xkeken click here.

Spanish Classes
Cooking Classes
Massage Classes 
Volunteer Activities
Shamanic Healing
Mayan village excursions
Mayan ceremonies

Educational, Participatory and Volunteer Activities. A extensive variety of programs and activities are available at Casa Hamaca Guesthouse including Survival Spanish classes, cooking classes, massage classes, visits to a shaman, Mayan village visits, Mayan ceremonies, food distribution, teaching English, roof construction, library volunteer and more.