Casa Hamaca Guesthouse
Colonia San Juan, Calle 49 #202-A x 40
Valladolid, Yucatan, 97780, Mexico

Benign Enlarged Prostate

Shamanic Treatment for Benign Enlarged Prostate using Secret Therapies of the Mayans.Traditional herbal tonics, ritual baths, spiritual cleansing and ancient hands-on massage.

An outline of the process and the requirements.

  • You (or your partner) must need the "cure" and be willing to jump through a few hoops to get it.
  • You (or your partner) will have probably tried one or more modern, scientific "cures" and be willing to try something else.
  • It is strongly suggested that an MD examine you before your journey to the Yucatan and pronounce you physically fit.
  • Depending upon the issue, you (and your partner) will will need to spent between five and ten days at Casa Hamaca.
  • Your partner must be willing to learn non-invasive, manual prostate massage techniques for continued treatment
  • The cost of each "cure" includes one or more visits to the shaman or therapist, the cost of all of the herb packets (oral or topical application) as needed, bodywork and massage instruction as needed, a spacious room for you and your partner/friend, all meals, use of the pool, tours (including entrance fees) to various local attractions including Mayan ruins, colonial churches, cenotes, flamingos and markets.
  • Tours will vary depending upon weather conditions and time of year.

There are no guarantees. Nor will you get one from a medical doctor.

All inclusive Benign Enlarged Prostate treatment package:

  • airport transfers (Cancun or Merida) to and from Valladolid for two people.
  • seven nights at Casa Hamaca Guesthouse including all meals for the client and a guest sharing the same room.
  • transportation to and from shaman's village.
  • shamanic treatment including all herbs, cleansings and bodywork.

  • two days of local sight-seeing (Mayan ruins, colonial churches, cenotes, flamingos, etc. depending on time of year).

All inclusive cost for 7 nights: USD$2,800

Contact Denis at for further details

The Fine Print:
Here's the deal. No GPS, no cell phones with GPS tracking, no cars with GPS. Maybe even a blindfold. No way to track us. Once we leave Valladolid, we do NOT want you to know where you are going or where you have been. Video and still camers are OK. You cannot take any of the "cures" back home with you. You will need to take them or use them while at Casa Hamaca Guesthouse. Besides, taking plant material across international borders is risky business anyway. Why are we so adamant about this? We have heard too many stories of big pharmaceutical companies "discovering" a herbal cure that has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples and being granted a patient on the discovery. We also don't want these village shaman and herbalists to be sucked into some get-rich-quick marketing scheme. We have spent a lot of time and effort developing these relationships and we do not want to share them with big business.
We do, however, wish to share what they can do.